Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why I Decided To Blog About Teaching

I have toyed with the idea of blogging for a long time, and set up several blogs over the years that were ultimately left to die.  I hadn’t quite embraced the idea, because quite frankly, I am afraid of being received negatively, or worse, accused of shameless self-promotion.  Of course that’s not my intention at all with this blog that I began last month.  I wanted to make a quick post to explain why I chose to blog about teaching.

The “Past Me”
Like most educators say, my first two years teaching were a struggle.  No, that’s not strong enough.  My first two years were awful.  Just about everything that could have gone wrong in the classroom, did.  My priorities just weren’t in the right place, and the results were disastrous.  I felt like I wasn’t going to make it in the profession and was blind as to why.  I had a hard time admitting that it was me causing problems in the class (not the kids) and didn’t know where to turn for help.  So this blog, in part, is written to my former self.

The “Present Me”
Eventually I was able to turn my career around.  I can’t say I remember a magical time that I walked into the classroom and things started to work, but I did purposely start implementing classroom management and teaching strategies, one thing at a time.  I was careful to get a good handle on a new technique before moving on to the next thing, which gave me confidence.  Now, finishing my 6th year teaching, I feel comfortable in the classroom but know that I still have areas I can improve.  In that regard, this blog is serving as a reminder for areas I can still grow and a journal for what’s worked.

The “Future Me”
I want to be the best teacher I can be.  I don’t want to say I want to be the best in my school, district, or state; I don’t think teaching is about competition.  But I do want to reach my students as well as I can (content wise or otherwise).  I constantly contemplate what this means; what should I do next to improve?  Well, Twitter and Pinterest are great places to start, but this blog helps me keep a good record of just what I would like to do to become better.

The “Others”
If anybody out there can benefit from what I write, I will be ecstatic.  I certainly don’t intend to assert myself as any kind of expert on teaching, but I do like to learn from others and hope most teachers out there do the same.  It would be fun to see all sorts of teachers blogging about what we do so that we can learn from one another easily.  The internet helps us connect with people we wouldn’t have otherwise met, and what an opportunity that is!

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